1) The Company shall not guarantee Visa or status to any Client. The absolute discretion for granting Visa or status, and the time required for processing the Client’s application rests with the government authorities. The Company shall not be liable for any delays or failure in processing of the Client’s application; or any unexpected changes in policies/laws brought by the government authorities.

2) The Company shall not be liable if the Client’s or any of the family members’ status or application is disqualified or refused by the government authorities or Visa office due to, including, but not limited to the provision of false, fraudulent, insufficient and/or inaccurate information; medical conditions; criminality; inability to attend the selection interview; or due to information that comes by the Client in a later stage whereby no modifications to the application or status would be possible.

3) If payments are not made as per the terms and conditions of this agreement, the Company shall not be liable for the cost and consequences arising from the efforts to recover the same. Further, the Company shall be entitled to take the appropriate action to recover such outstanding sums and costs arising as a consequence of this situation, from the Client.

4) The Company shall not be liable for the Client’s non-compliance of any direction from the Government of Canada. Clients are expected to co-operate while the Company takes up measures to resolve the issue arising as a consequence of this non-compliance, if possible.  

5) The Company is not liable for payments made by the Clients to authorities apart from the Company.

6) Should the Client terminate this agreement and withdraw this application, no refund shall be applicable and balance installments will be payable to the Company.

7) Any refund applicable shall be given to the Client only after deducting the applicable taxes and foreign exchange expenses incurred by the Company.

Clients Can get Refund if:

  • If the application is rejected due to changes in Government Law.
  • Refusal in the Job interview
  • Denial of application from Employer
  • Visa refusal
  • Failure in medical
  • If the Client willingly wishes to close the File.


Refund policy is applicable only after the full payment done by the applicant. In case of Refund the process will take 90 working days prior notice.