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What happens during an immigration consultation?

What happens during an immigration consultation?

What happens during an immigration consultation?

1 – Doubts
The rules vary a lot according to the candidate’s profile, province and objectives of each one, so the assistance of the consultant is very important.

2 – Points to be improved
During the immigration consultation, you will receive tips on which points to improve to increase your chances of success.

3 – Indication of the next steps
The consultant will also tell you what to do at each stage of the immigration process, and will even indicate what you need to speed up from planning to achieve your dream.

4- What does NOT happen at e-Visa: 
No consultant will guarantee that you will get your approval.
Beware: whoever makes this kind of promise is trying to take advantage of you!

-> Immigration consultation must always be done through a consultant regulated by the Canadian government.

-> That’s because he will be able to represent you at immigration if necessary, solving any problem that may occur.

-> Immigration consultancy helps both to continue an existing process, as well as to start immigration from scratch.

-> Regardless of the stage of the process, this guidance can help (a lot) to make your immigration easier, as you will be less likely to make mistakes in submitting documents, filling out forms and other bureaucratic parts of the process.

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